Protect your roof against water and wind

Waterproofing is an important step in the roof installation process because it protects the materials your home was built with, as well as all the things you keep inside. 

We do waterproofing of roof sheets, roof tiles, chimney stacks, balconies, skylights, concrete decks and parapet walls.

The process of waterproofing :

  1. Inspection: The first step in waterproofing a roof is to inspect it thoroughly to identify any areas that may be susceptible to leaks or water damage. This will help to determine the extent of the waterproofing that is needed.

  2. Cleaning: Once the problem areas have been identified, the roof must be cleaned to remove any dirt, debris, or other materials that may be preventing the waterproofing materials from adhering properly.

  3. Repairs: Any necessary repairs to the roof must be made before waterproofing can begin. This may include patching holes, replacing damaged shingles, or making other repairs as needed.

  4. Waterproofing: The actual waterproofing process is then performed. This may involve applying a waterproofing membrane or coating to the roof, or installing a drainage system to channel water away from the roof and prevent leaks.

  5. Maintenance: After the waterproofing process is complete, regular maintenance must be performed to ensure that the roof remains waterproof over time. This may include cleaning gutters, checking for leaks, and making repairs as needed.

It’s important to note that the waterproofing method and materials used will vary depending on the type of roof and the specific waterproofing project.

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